The Municipal Association of the Isle of Man was formed over 100 years ago to provide a forum of local authorities.

Political members and officers of the Association can attend to raise any issues that Local Authorities are responsible for, such as providing services, changes to existing legislation, performance standards and targets.

The Association meets on a monthly basis by way of an Executive Committee to which the Local Authorities who are members of the Association elect a representative.

The Executive Committee, after a consensus of opinion is obtained, can express this by way of representation or Petitions to Tynwald, the Manx legislative body, the 24 member House of Keys, any Government Department, Statutory Board or any other body or organisation on matters relating to the duties, powers and interests of the Local Authorities, or on any question of public interest and importance, or challenge conventional assumptions concerning the provision of services to the people of the Isle of Man.

The Municipal Association enjoys a regular dialogue with Government Ministers and Officials and has a significant privilege in that it can make submissions to existing legislation, Bills, Orders etc. and/or propose legislation, bringing with it weight to those who receive such representation, being a collective expression of the Local Authority members of the Association.

The Association is represented on the Richmond  Hill Consultative Committee which, in partnership with the Department of Infrastructure, oversees the operation and compliance of the Energy from Waste Plant.

The Isle of Man Municipal Association organise subject-specific Seminars at which the issues raised can be voiced and questions asked of those who are ultimately responsible for the provision and overseeing of ‘good governance’ in the Island.

The Isle of Man Municipal Association also organise Forum Meetings for all Clerks and Commissioners to expand and update their knowledge, with particular emphasis on ensuring that new Clerks and Commissioners are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities.

The main aim of the Association is to benefit the residents of the Island by Local Authorities working together, sharing ideas, strategies and resources where possible, and to address problems by raising greater awareness prior to decisions being made with economic, political, environmental and social impact on the Isle of Man.

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